dreaming_leaf (dreaming_leaf) wrote in animail,


[x] Name: Diem
[x] Nickname: Yuki-chan
[x] Sex: Female
[x] Age: 16
[x] Birthday: Oct 27
[x] Sign: Scorpio
[x] Location: New Zealand
[x] Email: dreaming.panda@live.com
[x] Contact: Email me for address =p
[x] Main Interests: Anime, Manga, Vid. Games,Music, cute stationery <3, shounen ai [Yaoi, writing
[x] Described as: fun, hyper,
[x] Significant Other: Nope.
[x] Work: At a Bakery lol
[x] School: Senior in College
[x] Tattoos/Piercings?: ears
[x] Fav Anime: Pandora Hearts, 07 Ghost, Loveless and many more
[x] Fav Manga: Karneval, Souleater, and more =P
[x] Fav Bands/Singers: To many to list>.<
[x] Fav Movies: Memoirs of a Geisha, Spirited away, Grave of the fireflies T.T, Harry Potter and more
[x] Fav TV Shows: Glee
[x] Fav Food: Udon, Ramen, Pocky, Rice, Takoyaki, anything edible really lol
[x] Game Systems: PS2,Nintendo DS,PSP
[x] Seeking: A dedicated penpal who also has the same interests as me ^-^
[x] What are you willing to send?: Letters, gifts, anything i find sendable
[x] What age: 16-19 I don't really mind =D
[x] What sex: any
[x] Where from: Anywhere is fine with me ^^
[x] Anything to add: I'm willing to learn any new anime/mangas from you, Im also looking for multiple penpals so please don't hesitate to contact me^-^
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