The one and only Supar Biatch! (catcubus) wrote in animail,
The one and only Supar Biatch!

If you would...

I would like to direct you to the friendshipbooks community. I am not a maintainer, nor am I friends with the maintainer of the mentioned community. I AM however a member and a trader-slash-swapper of Friendship Books! friendshipbooks is one of the few communities I've found that is still active and actually have done swaps with people from it. The community I feel could use some newer blood, which is one of the reasons I've taken it upon myself to draw attention towards it. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this community that trades Friendship Books, Decos, Slams, Label Bags, etc, either! So, if you're curious to find out what a "Friendship Book" is, or are looking for a way to trade more and get more, check out the friendshipbooks community.

X-posted elsewhere, and please delete if this is considered bad spammage. (Apologizes if it is such! I only meant to help! )
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