Sandy Weldon (kon_puppet) wrote in animail,
Sandy Weldon

hmmm pen pal..anime....PERFECT COMBO

NAME: Sandy
Birthday: oct 12 1980

I'm a libra, female located in the US.

I stay at home and take care of my father in law and sew from home :)

Ihave a degree in horticulture and landscaping and a minor in accounting.

I love anime, reading, learning new languages, cooking, history, discovery channel rocks :), modeling/photography.

Movies, i love action, martial arts, comedies, some horror, animated, walt disney (sorry still a sucker for the mouse)

I am open to all types of anime and manga. My sis even intro me to some of hers. I have seen yaoi and well lets say hard core is a *** no....

books i love sci fi and fantasy. SOme mystery but if its a good read I will read it.

Music, I lvoe all music. I have about 10 GB of music on my pc :) and looking for more.

I do have some pen pals. But I always take a day and do something jsut for that pen pal :) I make themed letters sometimes just for fun. I put goodies in letters when i can :)

I don't mind if its a girl or boy.. or age. I have 4 younger siblings and alot of adopted kids lol. I am only 27 and its weird when they adopt me as a mom lol.

Anywhere in world..I don't mind from where. ANYWHERE :)

Hmm what I would like in a pen pal...yummmmm....YOU TO BE YOU! To feel free to write about whatever is on your mind from a rant to just a silly random day :)

Well later :)
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